Steel Roofing for Life
For 29+ years, UNISON® has been the name your industry trusts for superior steel roofing that lasts today, tomorrow, and forever.
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Iconic Aesthetics
Function alone isn’t enough. Our experts move mountains to fuse beauty and performance, delivering world-class results that are truly second-to-none.
Strict International Standards
By adhering to stringent global roofing regulations, we promise premium roofing performance now and decades into the future.
Our Roofing In Action

The UNISON® Difference

Roofing & Wall Cladding System

We’ll cover your building’s exterior with a sophisticated panelling system to support the structure, frame, and peripheral walls.

Wide Range

Explore a broad array of products for your unique architectural and aesthetical vision. For long-lasting beauty, all UNISON® roofing and wall cladding systems are manufactured using BlueScope’s premium coated steel.

Sophisticated On-Site Construction Techniques

From new roofs to repairs, we’ve been in the game long enough to know how to construct the perfect customised roof with full acoustical, thermal, and technical support.

Soaring Partnership

These clients love us, and the feeling is mutual.

Like Our Roofs, Our Clients Are For Life.
Why? Because We…

Have Three Decades of Experience

For 30 years, UNISON® has slept with one eye open ensure we stay at the forefront of our industry and deliver customized roofs that never disappoint.

We Are Roofing Veterans

UNISON® is an undisputed leader in roof construction that promises premium performance, function, and beauty that lasts a lifetime.

Your Partner for Life

Our relationship doesn’t end when your roof is complete. We build lifelong partnerships with our clients, maintaining our promise of quality workmanship and innovative methods.

Strive For Excellence

Settling is not in our nature, and we never stop striving for more. We believe that our clients deserve the best, and we leave no stone unturned in delivering on that promise.

We Are Committed to Rapid Response

You are more than a number in a queue to us. You are our valued client, and you deserve to be treated as such, with fast response times that never make you wait.

We Are Global

With international roofing standards and world-class roofing and wall cladding systems, our local and global presence pays testament to our passion for what we do.

Premium Quality Roofing

Unison® is committed to deliver the highest standard roofing solution and best client service:

Fit For Purpose Design

Aesthetically Pleasing

Performance Assured

Excellent Weathertightness

Premium Coated Steel

Better Energy Conservation

Environment Sustainability

Customisable Thermal & Acoustic Requirement

Versatile | Scalable | Aesthetic

KAWA your METAL Roofing Partner

Unison® Roofing Specialist in Malaysia

Experience the difference an experienced roofing specialist makes when it comes to your residential or commercial building project. Nearly three decade, we have positioned ourselves as experts in the steel roof and wall cladding market. Our promise of exceptional design, quality assured installation, and ongoing technical support are backed up by a long list of satisfied clients.

Unison® offers flexibility when it comes to design, sturdiness in every long-lasting material, speedy installation with on-site panel preparation, and assurance of satisfaction when the project is done. Our track record demonstrates our commitment to excellence every step of the way.

Roofing and Wall Cladding Products
for a New World

It takes more than construction skills to make a difference in related building industries. Unison® focuses on sustainable material sourcing, manufacturing processes, and efficient systems. The metal roofing we offer in Malaysia and around the world has a high degree of energy conservation.

As more companies, organizations, individuals, and institutions put a greater value on eco-friendly and energy efficient construction techniques, Unison® answers the call for change. The simplicity of steel roofing and wall cladding represents a focus on the future. We use sustainable materials and efficient building and application methods that do not compromise the quality of the finished project. You receive energy efficient, weather-resistant, and safe results for decades to come.

The KAWA roofing and wall cladding products are manufactured with high-quality, coated steel that lasts decades longer than other popular materials on the market today. They also insulate commercial, industrial, and residential buildings efficiently for energy savings and maximum comfort for the people living and working inside.

Unison® products are engineered to stand the test of time and promote greener construction.

Unique Styles of Metal Roofing in Malaysia for Every Client

It takes more than durability, sustainability, and energy efficiency to create the perfect roof or exterior wall surfaces for our clients. The aesthetics behind the KAWA coated steel products also propel our brand into the top lists when it comes to building, renovating, and upgrading properties of all kinds.

As a global roofing specialist, we understand the unique needs and tastes of a diverse customer base. Our projects include finished looks that range from sleek modern curves to more traditional flat and angled roofs. We offer the highest quality roofing sheets in a variety of neutral tones as well as different texture profiles of roofing with concealed fixing, smooth or standing seams, or crimped and curved styles.

Explore our galleries of finished projects to discover the unique options Unison® offers:

Revolutionary On-site Construction Techniques


Quality Of Service

This takes place on the roof itself for a quicker and more efficient process. The continuous innovation we strive for allows us to deliver the highest quality of service that clients expect from a roofing specialist. They enjoy much quicker completion and less risk of error or safety issues due to the single step and location production process.


Innovative Technique

The Unison® dedication to excellence in the industry led us to develop an innovative building technique that allows us to create and transform roofing and wall cladding on the construction site itself. This moving, roll-forming platform makes it possible to produce roofing sheets of any length needed for an individual project.


Energy Efficiency

From the first meeting to the final walk-through, Unison® offers excellence every step of the way. When it comes to the best metal roofing Malaysia has to offer, look no further than the firm that boasts more than three decades of satisfied customers and success. Enjoy a more attractive and long-lasting building with greater energy efficiency than ever before.

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