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Unison® has been relied upon by top architects and building designers for quality products. The quest for providing excellence has sparked the same qualities for Unison® in partnering with world’s leading steel solutions provider, NS BlueScope Malaysia. Our KAWA range of quality metal roofing and wall cladding products are using BlueScope’s premium coated steel such as COLORBOND® steel, VERMOE® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

Unison® - The Leading Metal Roofing Specialist

For 29+ years, Unison® prides itself on being more than just experts in design, technical support, fabrication and installation of quality KAWA metal roof and wall cladding systems. As Malaysia’s leading roofing and wall cladding solutions provider, we have proven track records in delivering innovative and complete solutions to architecturally complex buildings and infrastructure.

Our strong reputation has been built on the strength of our extensive industry experience in dealing with challenges ranged from design, technical support, functionality needs to customize requirement gained not only in home market but also from international projects.

Sustainable Roofing and Wall Cladding

We renowned for our innovative and sustainable metal roofing system that meet thermal transmittance requirements of UBBL 38A and Malaysia standards. We provide professional advice based on Green Building Index (GBI) guide for SRI value and customise solutions to meet specific Sound Transmission Class (STC) value.

Our KAWA range of products conserve energy and is environmentally sustainable. We ensure our roof systems are designed for the right temperature control for the comfort of building interiors, resulting in energy conservation and cost savings. Raw materials are optimally used with little wastage, recyclable and have minimal impact on the environment, making it sustainable

Bespoke Solutions for Metal Deck Roofing

It takes more than durability, sustainability, and energy efficiency to create the perfect roof or exterior wall surfaces for our clients. The aesthetics behind the KAWA roofing and wall cladding products also propel our brand into the top lists when it comes to building, renovating, and upgrading properties of all kinds.

As a global roofing specialist, we understand the unique needs and tastes of a diverse customer base. Our projects include finished looks that range from sleek modern curves to more traditional flat and angled roofs. We offer the highest quality metal roofing sheets in a variety of neutral tones as well as different texture profiles of roofing with concealed fixing, smooth or standing seams, or crimped and curved styles.

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